About the site

Easy read about dementia provides information on dementia that is adapted for people with intellectual disabilities and cognitive disabilities. Information and knowledge are important factors in mastering an illness, or knowing how to best interact with a loved one if they are afflicted by dementia.

Easy read about dementia is a website that provides visitors with information through text, images, animation and speech. There is also a quiz that summarises the content. Pages on the site can be read independently or together with someone who can explain difficult content.  

Easy read about dementia is available in all the Nordic languages, Lule Sámi, Northern Sámi, Southern Sámi, and English.

Easy read about dementia was developed and funded by a partnership between the Norwegian National Centre for Ageing and Health, the Nordic Welfare Centre – an institution within the Nordic Council of Ministers’ social and healthcare remit, and the Sámi Parliament of Norway.

Concept and script: Frode Kibsgaard Larsen, Lene Kristiansen and Martin Lundsvoll, Norwegian National Centre for Ageing and Health.

Web development, design and animation: Headspin AS

Recording studio: Nitro Sound AS

Translation: The Nordic Welfare Centre provided translation into the Nordic languages. Translations to Sámi and English were provided by Semantix.

Project team: The Nordic network for dementia and intellectual disabilities at The Nordic Welfare Centre.